📖OPAL Introduction

What is OPAL ?

Opal is a protocol built on Ethereum, aiming to enhance Dexs' liquidity flywheel, starting with the Balancer ecosystem. It employs yield bearing "Omnipools", which are liquidity pools where users can deposit a single asset. Each Omnipool then allocates liquidity to a set of whitelisted Balancer pools. The distribution between the underlying DEX's pools is determined by liquidity allocation weights which represent the share of an Omnipool's total liquidity that should be supplied to each underlying pool. Liquidity providers (LPs) of an Omnipool can gain exposure to multiple underlying pools via a single Omnipool LP token.

The native token of Opal $GEM plays a central role in coordinating the protocol and its environment, ensuring smooth value extraction from the project's governance and rewarding the most committed users.

Every two weeks, a liquidity allocation vote (LAV) takes place. In this vote, $vlGEM holders can vote on updates to the liquidity allocation weight of all Balancer/Aura pools available for an Omnipool.

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