The $GEM locker contracts allows users to lock Balancer GEM-ETH BPT and acquire $vlGEM.


This is an overview of how voting takes place in the Opal DAO.

What is $vlGEM?

Balancer GEM-ETH BPT can be locked for a period of sixteen weeks. In exchange for locking a user will receive $vlGEM. This is a non-transferrable token (e.g. vlAura). After the lock period has expired, the user can withdraw the underlying LP tokens or relock it.

Where can I vote?

Voting takes place via Snapshot.

Can I get involved in governance discussions?

Yes, check out the Opal governance forum.

Are there multiple locks?

No. Similar to how holders can lock Aura during a specific duration of 16 weeks for vlAura, Opal has a unique lock duration. ​

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