Locking $GEM

Locked Balancer 80/20GEM-ETH BPT will facilitate governance of Opal DAO. Liquidity providers who lock and delegate their voting power (self-delegation allowed), before the start of the following epoch will be able to participate in all decisions surrounding the molding of the protocol. Locks last for 16 weeks.

Why hodling $vlGEM ?

  • Take part in a biweekly liquidity gauge vote (i.e. every two weeks), whereby the weights that determine how much liquidity of an asset a particular Balancer pool receives are updated for each Omnipool.

  • Take part in a biweekly GEM allocation vote where you candefine the allocation of Opal's liquidity mining between the Omnipools. The process is similar to the LAV.

  • Vote on whitelisting and blacklisting Balancer pools that can be used to receive liquidity in an Omnipool, as well as which assets get added to the platform.

  • Propose protocol changes by submitting Opal Improvement Proposals (OIPs).

  • $vlGEM holders will benefit from voting incentives distributed by projects willing to bootstrap their pool or simply deepen their liquidity.

  • $vlGEM holders also benefit from swap fees and Balancer's liquidity mining as their underlying asset is an LP token.

$vlGEM boosts

To bootstrap Opal's users and holders and reward them proportionally to their commitment and pro rata of their share of the protocol TVL or Supply, a $GEM emissions boost mechanism it set to apply up to 2.5x APR multiplier.

The boost mechanism is expected to create a competitive environment between users, feeding Opal's flywheel by encouraging the compounding of rewards into the protocol.

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