Opal aims to allow users to diversify their exposure across multiple Balancer pools with a single asset. Specifically, enabling users to deploy their asset (e.g. stETH ; USDC) to multiple Balancer pools in a single transaction.

The main goals of Opal can be summarized by the following:

  • Simplicity: Allow users to deposit a single asset into an Opal Omnipool which deploys liquidity across multiple Balancer pools, then stake it in Aura.

  • Efficiency: Supercharge the current liquidity provision in the Balancer ecosystem which is dominated by incentivized liquidity. This is done by establishing Opal governance which allows $vlGEM holders to directly control which Balancer pools receive liquidity.

  • Harness Users' Knowledge: Create a protocol that is both led and controlled by the Opal community via a self-sustaining DAO.

  • Improve Ecosystem: Opal aims to build a protocol that supports the growth and sustainability of the Balancer/Aura ecosystem.

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